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Stellenbosch Heritage Festival 2013

Stellenbosch Heritage Project 2013

Heritage Project Committee 2013

The Stellenbosch Heritage Project Committee consists of a group of some 30
volunteers, who operate under die auspices of the Stellenbosch Municipality and the
University of Stellenbosch. The Committee aims to set through an all inclusive
process new standards in Stellenbosch for South African heritage celebrations,
facilitate social cohesion and create an environment where everyone feels at home.
Dr. Sias Mostert is the Executive Chairman of an overseeing Executive Committee of
9 members and Johann Murray is the Chairman of the 2013 Heritage Project
Planning Committee .

Declaration of Intent
The Stellenbosch Heritage Project (SHP) seeks to unite the people of Stellenbosch;
to create a community who
* knows one another
* appreciates one another
* respects one another
The project aims to turn Stellenbosch into a town where both residents and visitors
are made to feel welcome, at home and secure. The dream is for every Stellenbosch
resident to enjoy the freedom of the town and to feel like an honorary citizen, with
the space and opportunities to flourish.
To realize this dream, we as the people of Stellenbosch want to create a mutual
culture alongside existing cultural traditions. The aim is for the entire community to
accept this mutual culture as a way of life, which could be handed down to future
generations. To achieve this, every Stellenbosch resident’s voluntary participation is

Main Events

1 Community Engagement
Each community and interest group in the broader Stellenbosch has the opportunity
to participate and contribute to the Stellenbosch Heritage Project. Communities are
invited to not only participate in all of the activities of the Stellenbosch Heritage
Project but to organise an event that all the other communities can participate in.
Members of the following communities are taking part in the activities Cloetesville,
Idas Valley, Jamestown, Khayamandi, Klapmuts, Pniel, Kylemore, Raithby,
Vlottenburg, Stellenbosch Central, the Student Community, Senior Citizens, Muslim
Community, and the Farming Community
Enquiries: Dr. Sias Mostert <sias@iafrica.com>

2 Heritage Awards
Four Stellenbosch residents plus a rugby club have received honorary awards from
the mayor this year for selfless service to the community. They were Belgian‐born
dr. Ben Dehaeck, a former counsel who contributed much to the development of
drama in Cloetesville and established the Breughel Theatre; Brian Pool, a teacher
and former headmaster of Lückhoff High School in Ida’s Valley; former Khayamandi
councilor Alicia Mgilima; dr. Gerald Rosendorff, a medical doctor; and Excelsior
Rugby Club, the oldest sports club in town. The presentations were made at the
official launch of the Stellenbosch Heritage Project 2013 held at the University
Museum on 30 July. Mayor Conrad Sidego, and the Stellenbosch University Rector,
Prof Russel Botman were the guest speakers.
Enquiries: Johann Murray <jmurray@mbbsouth.co.za>

3 Heritage Prestige Lecture
Prof Mark Solms will deliver this year’s Heritage Address at the University Museum
early evening on 17 September. The theme of his talk is to be ‘Inclusive Heritage
with special reference to the Solms Delta Experience’. The Solms Delta band will also
perform. This function will be open to the general public.
Enquiries: Johann Murray <jmurray@mbbsouth.co.za>

4 Museum and Cultural Spaces Visits
A route program is planned for September to a large number of museums,
collections, and cultural spaces in and around Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. This
year’s program will include inter alia the Pniel Museum; Jamestown photo
exhibition and storytelling on 21 September; the 175‐year celebration since slaves
were freed with Hanse Heese lecture in his book Reg & Onreg at Erfert House on 26
September; plus an exhibition by Prof Keith Dietrich on slaves.
Enquiries: Debbie Gabriels <stelmus@mweb.co.za>

5 Primary School Poster Competition
Following on last year’s successful poster competition all primary school learners
from the greater Stellenbosch and Franschhoek area were invited again to attend
painting workshop at libraries in Franschhoek, Pniël, Idas Valley, Jamestown,
Khayamandi, Klapmuts, Cloeteville, and the Stellenbosch University Museum. The
theme this year is “My Street: My Heritage”. Some 120 posters will be displayed at
the Ou Landbousaal on Heritage Day 24 September.
Enquiries: Lydia de Waal <lmdw@sun.ac.za>

6 Distell Foundation School Mass Choir
The school mass choir has grown from 700 learners during 2012 to more than 1000
learners from 24 primary and secondary schools in the Stellenbosch region this
year. This is an all‐time mass choir record for Stellenbosch. Combined practice
sessions are well under way between the different schools. The official performance
will take place early evening on 18 September in the Sentraalkerk.
Enquiries: Marcha Christians <mya@sun.ac.za>

7 The Moore Stephens Night Run
The Moore Stephens 10km Night Run will be organized by Maties Athletics Club as
an official event of Boland Athletics starting at 18:30 on Tuesday, 17 September. The
run will start and finish at Coetzenburg and winds through the streets of
Stellenbosch. It is also open to walkers. Pre‐entries can be done at
www.topevents.co.za but athletes can also register on the day.
Enquiries: Mohamed Ally <allym@sun.ac.za>

8 GetIntoRugby
The national launch of Get‐Into‐Rugby, facilitated by the Stellenbosch Academy of
Sport under the auspices of the International Rugby Board, will take place on
Heritage Day on the Markötter Fields in partnership with the SHP. Get‐Into‐Rugby
introduces children to rugby using stories and safe rugby‐related games that teach
values and encourage all shapes and sizes to participate and have fun. On Heritage
Day 12 primary schools will come together at the Stellenbosch Academy of Sport at
Markötter for the great final. Some 1,600 kids have enrolled, of whom some 900 will
participate on the day.
Enquiries: Steph Nel <steph@wprugby.co.za>

9 VriendsCup Games
The main purpose of the VriendsCUP is to build bridges and to develop interaction
between the various communities in Stellenbosch through fun games in a noncompetitive
way. This year’s event will take place at the Braak on 24 September
from 8:00 to 12:00. Some 600 learners from 10 Secondary Schools will participate.
Enquiries: Jose Cabral <ucrista@hotmail.com>

10 House Concerts
Stellenbosch 360 will launch this new initiative on Heritage Day. It encompasses a
visit to 3 homes by two groups of 14 each (one group per taxi) with one of three acts
to be performed at each house, with storyline starting when getting on the taxi, and
ending on its return in town. Local food and crafts are to be incorporated into the
Enquiries: Ann Heyns <ann@stellenbosch360.co.za>

11 Khayamandi Arts and Cultural Festival (KACF)
The Stellenbosch Heritage Project, recognizes, advice and support the three
categories (KACF Drama, KACF Gospel & KACF Cup) for the KACF 2013. The title of
the 3rd Annual KACF, “Unite” indicates the fundamental problem of the young
democratic South Africa. The festival aims to bring together people from different
background and facilitate social cohesion. This will be achieved by storytelling
(KACF Drama; poetry & theater), playing (KACF Cup 2013; soccer & netball), signing
(KACF Music; traditional, modern & gospel), dancing (KACF Dance; traditional &
modern), beauty pageant (Miss & Mr. Kayamandi 2013), and Battle of DJs. Finalists
of the Drama and Gospel Competition will take part in the River Festival live music
Enquiries: Silulami Mbokwana <slu@lokxionlifestyle.co.za>

12 Eikestad Heritage Pedal Event
The Eikestad Heritage Pedal events on Heritage Day 24 September have two cycling
components: a road racing section over distance of 120km, 80km, and 40km; plus
an off‐road section which will include schools and communities in farm areas. These
events will also help to promote awareness and encourage the use of the some 30
existing cycle routes in the town.
Enquiries: Carinus Lemmer <carinus@gmail.com>

13 Spier Eerste River Canoe Challenge
The Maties Canoe Club will stage their annual Eerste River Canoe Challenge from
Hangbrug to Spier Wine Estate on Heritage Day starting at 10:00. It will also be the
official US vs Ikeys Intervarsity this year. This dash down the river takes just under
one hour and passes the River Festival site in Die Laan. The canoeing fraternity
regards this stretch of river as the most exciting in the Western Cape.
Enquiries: Owen Gandar <owengandar@gmail.com>

14 Corporate and Interkoshuis Tube Races
This popular event will follow straight after the canoe race starts at Hangbrug and
ends at the River Festival site at Die Laan.
Enquiries: Owen Gandar <owengandar@gmail.com>

15 Youth Month Project Awards
The Youth month project Awards are awarded to recognize individuals who have
contributed over and above reasonable expectation to ensuring children can
develop to their full potential. The Stellenbosch awards in 2013 will focus on people
who make a difference in the lives of children in the community. These individuals
are recognized for their selfless service to the youth.
Deon Botha <deon@sg.org.za>

16 River Festival Die Laan
The numerous sport and cultural events are staged in such a way that participants
all eventually end up at the River Festival Site in Die Laan which is closed down on
Heritage Day 24 September. Visitors can enjoy a free live music show by local
groups for the entire day, numerous stalls selling authentic Stellenbosch products
and food, plus and fun and games for the entire family.
Enquiries: Dirkie van der Merwe <dirkie@dpk.co.za>

17 Live Music Program

Heritage program

Enquiries: Gi‐Gi <klt@klteater.co.za>

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