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About Stellenbosch Unveiled

A canvas of Stellenbosch Inspiration

Stellenbosch is the second-oldest and undoubtedly the most scenic and historically preserved town in southern Africa. Based in the Western Cape province of South Africa, Stellenbosch is situated about 50 kilometers east of Cape Town, along the banks of the Eerste River. Known for its breath-taking views, famous oak-trees and world-class wine, Stellenbosch displays all the elements of a premiere tourism destination.

The Stellenbosch Unveiled blog, the official blog of the Stellenbosch tourism community, was launched to provide you with inspiration for places to visit, things to do and people to meet. The “My Stellenbosch story” tab will introduce you to the community of Stellenbosch, whilst the Stellenbosch Unveiled tab will provide you with reviews of restaurants, wine-farms, guesthouses as well as news on special projects, events and festivals.

Overall the blog will focus on the nine areas of Stellenbosch inspiration:



There is a richness of emotion within Stellenbosch that is evident through the different ways in which the rich tapestry of cultural groups express their individuality.  The town’s culture is deeply embedded in its history which over the years shaped the way people act, think and live their lives within their communities.  Different dialects and artistic expressions contribute to a diverse experience that only Stellenbosch can offer. Each of the Stellenbosch cultural groups have a story to tell, and will give expression to it in creative ways.


Stellenbosch has an extensive selection of paintings, sculptures, handmade glass and collectors’ pieces.  Visitors will be inspired by the unique items on display, often times hand-made by Stellenbosch residents. It is a town that celebrates the imaginative exuberance of African art. Travelers’ is sure to slow down, inspect, marvel and admire the creativity of a community that celebrates life in colour. Always accompanied by music …


Home of some of the world’s best athletes, Stellenbosch enjoys the essential infrastructure and scientific expertise to ensure that members of the sporting community are presented with a range of quality services that will enable them to fulfill their sporting needs. Stellenbosch is an outdoor sport mecca, with a proud history of achievements. Not only is the weather perfect, but the scenery is breath-taking, which makes fitness training a joy.  There are numerous sports clubs, teams and events to get involved in if you would like to continue playing sport on a professional level. For the leisurely sports enthusiasts there are a host of fun runs, hiking trial and outdoor biking sites to keep the body and soul healthy.


Stellenbosch keeps you forever young by offering wonderful life-adventures and adrenaline-infused-near-death experiences. The town is always buzzing with festivals, and a chance to do something you’ve never done before. Not only is the whole calendar year packed with big festivals, it is also close to all the adventure sites in the Western Cape. If you are looking for a 4 x 4 extreme wine experience, ab-sailing, game-driving or river –rafting, come to Stellenbosch.  It has all the extreme adventure you are looking for. Also, if you are looking for a good party, Stellenbosch is the place to be.


In Stellenbosch, wine is not only a world-renowned export commodity, it is a way of life. Stellenbosch is synonymous with wine. Home to more than 140 wine farms, the town boasts with the largest concentration and variety of wine farms and wine tasting venues in the country. It is also the wine making, research and viticulture hub of South Africa.  The sparkle of a deep red wine with a medium-rare steak or white wine with baked fish is an experience every person should have. Many wine-farms have restaurant and picnic facilities as well as accommodation, gift shops, art galleries, amphitheaters, carriage rides and wildlife experiences. The Stellenbosch Wine Route was founded in 1971 and is the oldest wine route in the country. Now known as the Stellenbosch American Express® Wine Routes, it is divided into five sub-routes and represents more than 200 wine and grape producers within the boundaries  of the town.   Stellenbosch wine has become synonymous with quality and diversity and a plethora of international awards.


Stellenbosch is a culinary hotspot with the best of traditional Cape fare and international cuisine. Enjoy a cheese platter on a wine-farm or a morning muffin at a sidewalk coffee shop, whilst mingling with locals and appreciating a magnificent view. Meander through fresh produce markets or listen to stories about the origin of typical South African dishes like Boerekos, Cape Malyan curries or Braaivleis. You can even try your hand at cooking these dishes at local restaurants or guesthouses.

Education and Innovation

Stellenbosch is renowned as a center for learning and is home to a top-ranked university, schools of enviable reputation and training centers. The opportunities are endless for local as well as international students to further their studies in any field of interest. Sustainable development, innovation and technology have drawn international companies to the town, together with Not-for-profit Organizations, which aim at the socio-economic upliftment of our communities. For visiting students in need of a learning experience, there are numerous projects to get involved in, which will provide one with a steep and interesting learning curve.


Business is booming in the Town of Oaks.  It is the home to the University of Stellenbosch Business School and Technopark – a grade A office park surrounded with mountains and vineyards. Stellenbosch is an economic driving force in the Western Cape, and provide plenty of opportunities for Entrepreneurs.  Many well-established companies have their headquarters in Stellenbosch. The town also boasts with numerous Wi-Fi hotspots, providing the supporting infrastructure for innovation to flourish.


The heritage of Stellenbosch dates back to 1679, when Simon van Der Stel established the town. The name Stellenbosch directly translated in Dutch means “The bush of van der Stel.” Since then many expressions of Stellenbosch cultures has been formed and passed on from generation to generation. This has been the soil for many new discoveries, inventions and works of art that makes Stellenbosch one of the most beautiful towns in South Africa. The Stellenbsoch Heritage Foundation has done much to preserve the historical treasure that is Stellenbosch: http://www.stellenboschheritage.co.za/.

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